Vietnamese Rickshaw


This is what i have to start with, an old rickshaw that has sat outside under a cover for years and is now due for a complete stripdown, paintjob & rebuild. The seat & foot support is made of wood but has weathered so will need restaining but all the chromework is good still. I have done a bit of research & have found out that this is a Vietnamese Rickshaw, im trying to find out more but dont know where to look. As you can see from 1 of the photo's it has a frame number just above the crank which reads 0001 , i wonder if this is the first to be built by the manufactuer or if it has been stamped at a later date, it also has a nice emblem on the front. If anyone out there knows anything please get in touch or leave a comment or if you have any information about this please let me know. I dont even know its age so would also like anyone else who has 1 of these to get in touch with me as i have a few questions i'd like to ask. Major strip down over the next few weeks and a new paint job along with a few new parts, then to show it off. 

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1. chel 03/02/2014

Nicely done. I was surfing the web around bamboo bikes out of sheer curiosity. I have a dog (Westie) and was wondering how to create a safe carrier for her. On Instructibles I came across the cargo bikes - two businesses in town use them but I never thought of making smaller versions myself until now. Your rickshaw has put the last piece in place. The front cover works on the same principle as a raincover on a pushchair. Must be some way of making a pram sized front carrrier to take the rain cover. Cover for a twin stroller might fit yours. Not sure about the wind resistance though. Yes, the dog has her own coat but we spoil them more than the kids. Don't we? Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

2. bcanovas 03/10/2013

Nice restore, thanks for sharing!

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