Vietnamese Rickshaw


This is what i have to start with, an old rickshaw that has sat outside under a cover for years and is now due for a complete stripdown, paintjob & rebuild. The seat & foot support is made of wood but has weathered so will need restaining but all the chromework is good still. I have done a bit of research & have found out that this is a Vietnamese Rickshaw, im trying to find out more but dont know where to look. As you can see from 1 of the photo's it has a frame number just above the crank which reads 0001 , i wonder if this is the first to be built by the manufactuer or if it has been stamped at a later date, it also has a nice emblem on the front. If anyone out there knows anything please get in touch or leave a comment or if you have any information about this please let me know. I dont even know its age so would also like anyone else who has 1 of these to get in touch with me as i have a few questions i'd like to ask. Major strip down over the next few weeks and a new paint job along with a few new parts, then to show it off. 

t2ec16d-0e9s37hlwfbrfdnsmbc-60-58.jpg    t2ec16nhjggffmvphqfybrfd-uoz9-60-58.jpg    imag0243.jpg   imag0257.jpg   

 imag0256.jpg    imag0255.jpg 

  imag0254.jpg    imag0253.jpg 

  imag0252.jpg   imag0251.jpg  

 imag0250.jpg    imag0249.jpg 

  imag0248.jpg   imag0247.jpg 

   imag0246.jpg    imag0245.jpg 


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