Welcome to my website, feel free to comment on my builds and post pictures of yours. 

My names Mick, i was born in the early 60's when if you were lucky enough to have a bike you looked after it, and learned how to fix it when it went wrong. Not like nowadays when a lot of people just go out and buy a new one.  I have 2 cuddly rottweilers the eldest 1 Tyler, is now nearly 12 years old and has bad arthritis so can only walk a few yards without having to lay down. We spend a lot of time at the east coast and Tyler loves the beach and going in the sea but now he cant get to it, so i started to think of how i could get him to it. I looked at bike trailers but as he is 11 stone in weight the 1's that could carry him were so expensive, then i stumbled upon cargo / ice cream bikes. I could build 1 of them i thought, so off i went in search of parts. An old gate & fence, an old bed frame and 2 broken bikes curtesy of freecycle later & the build began.

Click on the (The Tyler Trike) icon in the top left of this page to see this build.

The next project is not so much of a build more of a full refurbishment. Full strip down & rebuild photo's will follow, in the meantime click on the Rickshaw icon in the top left of this page to see what i have now. 




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